Payment and delivery


For orders from Ukraine:

- 100% prepayment by bank transfer to Privat Bank or Mono Bank credit card;

- cash on delivery when receiving the courier services Ukr Poshta, Nova Poshta and Mist Express. Important!!! The commission for the return delivery of money to the sender is paid by the Recipient;

- payment by nilichnymi upon delivery by Courier or at Pickup, only in Kiev.

For orders from outside Ukraine:

Important!!! 100% prepayment of the cost of the ordered goods, packaging and shipping costs.

Variants of transfers:

- Pay Pal;

- MoneyGram;

- SWIFT - VISA, MasterCard;

To transfer money, you need to clarify the necessary details. To do this, you need to clarify in your bank the possibility of making a transfer and the requisite details of the recipient of the transfer.


On the territory of Ukraine:

- courier services Ukr Poshta, Nova Poshta, Mist Express, Delivery, Intime, Autolux. To do this, you must place your order through the Basket or the feedback form on the website, and you can also send to our email - contact information (full name, mobile phone number, name of the settlement, select the courier service, number or address of its branch, name and quantity of the desired product);

- independently pick up your order in Kiev, after agreeing with us the date and time of your visit;

- courier delivery of the order in Kiev by Express-Taxi as soon as possible during the day.

Example of necessary contact information for ordering goods:

Vinyler John Jr. , + 38095112ХХХХ,
Novoplastinovsk, Nova Poshta office number 7 (st. Vinylnaya, 77),
Record Sara K. - Water Falls - VINYL 2 LP - Item No. SFR 357.8025.1 - 1 pcs.

For orders from outside Ukraine:

Delivery is carried out by the following delivery services:

- DHL;

- EMS;

- Ukr Poshta;

- Nova Poshta;

- Mist Express;

After sending the order, you receive a parcel tracking number with which you can track the movement of cargo (some services provide detailed information on the movement of cargo, some services provide information only in the country of departure and in the country of receipt). It is also convenient to track mailing by trunking number using Post / EMS tracking and Global Track And Trace services.

Before sending international shipments, we agree with you the cost of delivery, in accordance with the parameters of the goods, as well as the need for additional packaging of goods.